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You’ve recently launched your business and you’re looking for some support to make your dream business a reality.


Work with me to create a business plan with actionable steps, targets and a clear strategy to get you where you want to go.

What's included?

3 hour business brainstorm covering your vision, goals, finance, marketing, strategy & personalised feedback


A clear vision is essential for guiding your company’s growth and inspiring your team. In this session, I'll help you define your goals, identify your core values, and create a strategic plan to achieve your dreams. With my support, you'll gain the clarity and direction needed to make your vision a reality.


In this session we'll break down your financial data so you can see where your business stands and find ways to grow. With my help, you'll make smart decisions that boost your profits and success. Start today and take control of your business finances.


We’ve now got a clear idea of exactly where you want your business to go. It’s now time to talk about how we’re going to get you there. Let’s put everything we’re discussed together and create a clear strategy for you to follow.


Let's propel your business forward by setting some SMART goals. I help business owners turn big ideas into clear, achievable steps. In this session we'll create realistic goals that align with your vision. With my support, you'll gain the focus and direction needed to move your business forward. Start setting goals that lead to success and watch your business grow.


Lets create an effective marketing plan to attract more customers and increase sales. In this sessions, we'll create a customised plan to boost your brand and reach your business goals.

What's the investment?

£350 one off session

Payment plans available

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Lizzie is sitting on the floor with one leg over the other holding a coffee and smiling
Lizzie is calm, empathetic and a wonderful listener. She has been brilliant at keeping me on track with my objectives and reflecting back some running themes and patterns from our sessions. I really recommend her to any mum wrestling with the day to day juggle and working through a shifting identity!

Sophie Collins

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